About Amy

To be very honest with you, I was never the little girl who dreamed about her Cinderella wedding.

In fact, I even contemplated being a chef or a paramedic for a little while (of course, I can't really cook.  And blood is scary).  But in university, I discovered that I had a natural flair for planning unique events, and I LOVE to make lists!  But a career in wedding coordination didn't cross my mind until I actually went through the process myself.  That's right - I got engaged.


My fiance (now hubby) and I were both busy professionals, but we wanted a fun, relaxed and non-traditional wedding that reflected our personalities. So we started the monumental task of sorting through websites, reading reviews on caterers, compiling lists of which venues we liked, researching florists, and trying to decide whether to hire a DJ or work with our scores of professional musical friends.


Throughout the planning process, our budget changed four times, we had the usual stress over who to cut from the guestlist, and the structure of the day fluctuated for months, until we finally settled on our brunch/ceremony/cocktail format.  In the end, our wedding was everything we wanted it to be.  It was literally perfect in every way.  EXCEPT for the fact that I was up at 5am the day of, packing the last boxes to be transported to the venue, all of our close family was tasked with the job of setting up our decor, and in the end, my mother and mother-in-law almost came to blows over the cleanup at the venue while my hubby and I were off taking pictures.


1.  There is a LOT of work involved in researching and planning a wedding.
2.  The wedding planning process can take over your life if you let it.
3.  There are a ton of little details that someone will have to deal with on your day.
4.  Family emotions and tensions run high on a wedding day; be prepared.
5.  Despite the pitfalls and steep learning curve, I planned a personal, fun, and relaxed wedding where both we and our guests had a great time, though there were a few things that DEFINITELY didn't go according to plan.


Very shortly after our wedding, I was reflecting on how I could have prevented some of the issues that arose on our day, and in the lead-up to the wedding.  I kept coming back to the idea that I would have LOVED to have had someone there to guide me to awesome vendors, manage all the details, look after setup and tear down on the day, and keep me calm throughout the process.  At the time, there were limited options in terms of wedding coordinators in London, so I took the plunge, got myself certified with the Wedding Planner's Institute of Canada, and became a wedding planner myself, in hopes of using my new found expertise to help London and area couples who were in the same boat.  Over the last seven years, I've helped many couples to plan, execute and survive their wedding days - and all of them have come out the other side smiling (and still in love!).


The Unmistakably You team has grown to include six lovely and wedding-obsessed ladies who possess a wealth of knowledge to help you navigate the planning process, and we strive to make each wedding more amazing than the last.

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