What You REALLY Need to Know to Plan a Micro-Wedding

There's no doubt that Covid has changed the way we think about weddings, at least for the foreseeable future. Many of our clients have postponed their large celebrations until a future date, when hopefully it will be safe to celebrate in larger numbers, but have decided to host a "micro-wedding" on their original date. Depending on the government guidelines in your area, 'micro' can mean different things, but for our purposes, let's assume we're talking about a wedding of less than 20 guests.

If you're planning a micro-wedding, you may find yourself searching online for inspiration, since this style of wedding has not traditionally been as common, and there's not as much information out there as to what to do. You'll doubtless find TONS of 'how-to' blogs and articles, but what few of them will tell you is what you really SHOULD know. Read on for the gory details, friend, and be safe in the knowledge that you'll avoid all of these pitfalls in YOUR micro-wedding...

Stressed bride

You will NOT have time to do everything yourself. Delegate the following (hopefully to a coordinator):

  • decor setup
  • greeting guests
  • directing guests (this is new for them, too!)
  • food and beverage service
  • remember that you'll be getting ready, taking pictures, and GETTING MARRIED, so ask a friend or family member to ensure everything runs smoothly

Your tech WILL cause problems:

  • test, test and test again!
  • think about your music (assuming you're DIYing this), and when it will start and stop
  • practice streaming your ceremony (see here for more info on how to stream successfully!)
  • set up all of your devices in the shade (they'll overheat otherwise!)
  • put someone 'techy' in charge so you don't have to worry about it!

Your guests WILL make assumptions:

  • neighbours will ask if they can stand and watch
  • online guests will ask if they can share the streaming link
  • not everyone has the same physical distancing comfort level
  • make sure you and your partner chat about how to handle these situations PRIOR to them occurring

This WON'T be a 'traditional' wedding:

  • you'll have to approach seating, food and beverage service, washroom and hand-washing facilities and traditions differently
  • carefully think through the above and do your best to create traffic paths and service options that are safe and comfortable for your guests (avoid the buffet, and put hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE!)

Your guests DO want the best for you, and they'll (mostly) be understanding and supportive of your choices:

  • they'll understand if they didn't make the 'in person' cut - it's a pandemic
  • they get that you want to be married NOW, and that's why you're not waiting until next year to have your ceremony
  • you shouldn't have to justify anything. It's your wedding, and you should be able to have what you want, as long as it's safe and legal.

If you are planning a micro wedding, I wish you the best. Think carefully about how to structure your day so that everyone stays safe, put someone other than yourself in charge of keeping things running smoothly, and enjoy the day - it will go by SO quickly.

Happy planning! XO

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