Hiring a day-of coordinator was not in our original budget. I met Amy at a wedding show, looked into her services online and we decided that taking the stress from ourselves and our families was one of our top priorities for the wedding day. This was by far the best investment we made towards the wedding. Amy and Nicolette were nothing but phenomenal in the weeks leading up to the wedding and the day-of. I'm a huge planner already and to be able to put the whole day in someone else's hands was both relieving and a little nerve-racking. However, after our first meeting with Amy, we had every ounce of confidence that we could enjoy and relax on our wedding day without worrying about a single detail because we knew Amy would have it covered. The best part was also not worrying about my mom (and other family and friends) trying to stress about details and she was also able to enjoy the whole day without added worries. The week before our wedding I felt relaxed and stress-free (for the most part) compared to other brides I've seen running around frantically the 5 days before their wedding. If there is one thing I would recommend to add to your budget...it's hiring a day-of-coordinator and Amy is best!

Venue: Delta London Armouries

Photography: HRM Photography

Tasha & Aaron, June, 2019