Amy and Amy H. were AMAZING. Amy relieves so much stress during the wedding planning process and devoted so much time to helping us plan our big day and coordinating with our many vendors. Our decorator actually sent us an email just to tell us how amazing she was to work with. They think of EVERYTHING and make an itinerary for you that is so easy to follow and great for all of the parents and wedding party to refer to. Amy and Amy H. both attended meetings, our rehearsal and the wedding and put in so many hours between the 3. Our wedding day was just yesterday and my husband and I are just reflecting on how differently our day would’ve been without them. Running around to change the wrong flowers in the bouquets, getting lemonade that we forgot to get, taking down a bunch of tables to make a dance floor completely by themselves when the venue announced last minute that they didn’t have the staff to it, setting up and decorating the whole ceremony space as well as tearing it all down, literally sewing my wedding dress back together when the strap broke, taking many complaints about the venue from guests and the wedding party as well as ourselves and making things right. We are so happy they were there. This service is much more than “day-of” coordination like they call it. I was emailing, calling, and texting with Amy for over a month before the wedding and she always got back to me promptly. And they both worked their butts off the day of the wedding! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Venue: Kettle Creek Golf & Country Club

Photography: Rachel Hunt Photography


Rachel & Josh, July, 2019