I met Amy at a wedding show, and I won a free consult with her. Mike and I went for the consult about a year before our wedding. Once the wedding was closer, we went for one more, for Amy and Chrissy to help plan out our itinerary (about 6 weeks before the wedding). Once we left that appointment, I knew that we had to have both Amy and Chrissy there on our special day. There were so many things that they mentioned during the appointment that had not even crossed my mind. For example, who is picking up all of the flowers from the florist, and taking them around to everyone? Or, who is organizing who goes where and when during the ceremony? All things that don't just 'happen'... they need to be organized and planned. I was so happy when Amy and Chrissy were both available to attend our day, and make sure everything went smooth. It was raining in the morning of our wedding, and I couldn't be more nervous as we had an outdoor ceremony planned. Amy was great in making the call, and it ended up being lovely out and we had the ceremony outside. Everything went just perfect. They were both there to help with whatever was needed: set up, take down, organizing, telling people where to go and when to go there, etc. I think the best line of the day was "In 7 years I have never used super glue, and today I have used it twice!" But you know, I don't know what either of those things were that had to be super-glued. It was amazing to not have to worry about that kind of stuff. They were so well-prepared!! Although, now I am a little interested in what happened!! We couldn't thank Amy and Chrissy more for an amazing day, and all of the support that they offered us. It was well worth it to have them there for us, and the rest of my family that day. It also allowed our family to relax and do what they needed to do for themselves that day, and not have to worry about running 1000 errands all over the place. It just put everyone's mind at ease. Thanks again!! XO

Venue: Beach Street Station, Goderich

Jenn & Mike, July, 2016