When I first decided to hire Amy, I was under the impression that I was solely hiring her to set up my décor. I had been told by many people I wouldn't have time to do it myself day of the wedding, and that couldn't have been more true. Over the months of getting to know Amy, I realized how incredibly above and beyond her responsibilities were. I went from thinking I was paying someone to set up my décor, to realizing she was the glue that held our night together. Amy was absolutely incredible, and the most detail oriented person I think I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Not a single thing was out of place, forgotten, or pushed to the side. Amy was prompt and pleasant with any email question I had in the process, and had so much insight into everything I needed. She was willing to always go the extra mile, no questions asked. We had Heather helping out Amy as well, and she was so sweet. I only wish there were more people in the world like Heather...so incredibly helpful, and extremely happy...what a great personality trait. Looking back to the days I thought I could do everything myself (because I am just that type of person), I realize now it never would have been possible. To have someone around you all day that just eases your mind with every step cannot even have a price tag. I was more calm on my wedding day than any other day I can remember, and I owe that all to Amy, her team, and their incredible expertise. Our wedding day hands down would not have been the perfect day it was without Amy in it! Thank you for all you do!

Venue: Bellamere Winery

Photography: HRM Photography


Amanda & Dave, June, 2015