Successful Wedding Streaming

Hi there lovely!

If your wedding plans have changed due to Covid, my heart hurts for you.  I'm sorry you're dealing with this.  A lot of our clients have chosen to have a micro-ceremony on their original wedding date, and stream that ceremony to guests who can't be there in person.  But the idea of streaming can be scary.

Fear not - in this 4 page cheatsheet, I break down the process and explain all your options:

  1. Tech Requirements
  2. Streaming Platforms
  3. Advanced Options
  4. Hiring a Pro
  5. Guest Etiquette

And along the way, I've thrown in some helpful tips and tricks.

Just pop your name and email in below, and . . . voila!  The cheatsheet will magically appear in your inbox.

Happy planning! XO

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Successful Wedding Streaming
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