My now-cousin-in-law recommended Amy and her team after they coordinated her wedding, and I have to agree with my cousin that it was the best bang-for-buck for a wedding.

We were extremely impressed with the professionalism and skill of Amy and her colleague. Going into our wedding, their experience and thoroughness gave us peace of mind that we had taken care of all the things we needed to take care of. When hiccups inevitably happened on the wedding day – which they had prepared us for (late family members, amirite?) – we were able to keep relaxed as they skillfully guided us.

Throughout cocktail hour and the reception, Amy dutifully kept everything on track. It only took one "is everything going well?" to get the assurance I needed to be assured that I didn't need to worry. As someone who is known for getting anxious, Amy's team was exactly what I needed.

Thank you Amy and Kassandra for making our special day even more special!

Venue: Grey Silo Golf Course

Photography: Jess Collins Photography

Devon & Paul, July, 2019

Our experience with Unmistakably you was fantastic! We hired Amy as our Day of Coordinator but what we got was so much more...we were pleased to have meetings with her and lots of communication and assistance leading up to our big day. Amy and her team were amazing to work with and covered all the bases... they thought of things I hadn't and had a solution for every issue that came up! I always felt like they were eager to create a wedding EXACTLY the way we had envisioned it, we never felt judged for our decisions... instead we felt like we had a team that was excited to help execute every aspect of our day. I would highly recommend Unmistakably you to anyone who is looking for a Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator!

Venue: Civic Gardens

Photography: Aimee Nicole Photography

Seana & Jason, July, 2019

Amy and Amy H. were AMAZING. Amy relieves so much stress during the wedding planning process and devoted so much time to helping us plan our big day and coordinating with our many vendors. Our decorator actually sent us an email just to tell us how amazing she was to work with. They think of EVERYTHING and make an itinerary for you that is so easy to follow and great for all of the parents and wedding party to refer to. Amy and Amy H. both attended meetings, our rehearsal and the wedding and put in so many hours between the 3. Our wedding day was just yesterday and my husband and I are just reflecting on how differently our day would’ve been without them. Running around to change the wrong flowers in the bouquets, getting lemonade that we forgot to get, taking down a bunch of tables to make a dance floor completely by themselves when the venue announced last minute that they didn’t have the staff to it, setting up and decorating the whole ceremony space as well as tearing it all down, literally sewing my wedding dress back together when the strap broke, taking many complaints about the venue from guests and the wedding party as well as ourselves and making things right. We are so happy they were there. This service is much more than “day-of” coordination like they call it. I was emailing, calling, and texting with Amy for over a month before the wedding and she always got back to me promptly. And they both worked their butts off the day of the wedding! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Venue: Kettle Creek Golf & Country Club

Photography: Rachel Hunt Photography


Rachel & Josh, July, 2019

Hiring a day-of coordinator was not in our original budget. I met Amy at a wedding show, looked into her services online and we decided that taking the stress from ourselves and our families was one of our top priorities for the wedding day. This was by far the best investment we made towards the wedding. Amy and Nicolette were nothing but phenomenal in the weeks leading up to the wedding and the day-of. I'm a huge planner already and to be able to put the whole day in someone else's hands was both relieving and a little nerve-racking. However, after our first meeting with Amy, we had every ounce of confidence that we could enjoy and relax on our wedding day without worrying about a single detail because we knew Amy would have it covered. The best part was also not worrying about my mom (and other family and friends) trying to stress about details and she was also able to enjoy the whole day without added worries. The week before our wedding I felt relaxed and stress-free (for the most part) compared to other brides I've seen running around frantically the 5 days before their wedding. If there is one thing I would recommend to add to your's hiring a day-of-coordinator and Amy is best!

Venue: Delta London Armouries

Photography: HRM Photography

Tasha & Aaron, June, 2019

I got married almost two weeks ago with the help of Kassandra of Unmistakably You. I am only writing this review now because I have struggled to put into words how great she was, and how wonderful an experience I had with Unmistakably You. The short version of this review is that you need wedding coordination services, and Kassandra is the right person for your wedding. Regardless of your personality (are you organized and detail-oriented like me? Scattered and indecisive like my husband? Somewhere in the middle?), there is no such thing as too much help when it comes to your wedding. Kassandra took the time to understand us, our vision, and our personalities. She treated the wedding as if it were her own and relieved so much stress and confusion for us. My only regret is that we didn't hire Unmistakably You to do the whole thing right from the start. The long version of this review: this was the best money we spent throughout the whole wedding planning process. I was convinced from the moment I met with Amy and Kassandra at the show room. They are professional, personable, knowledgeable, and invested in the wedding planning business. There was never a moment of judgment or questioning, just support and guidance in how we wanted to execute the day. While I only hired them for day-of coordination services, the package provided for enormous help prior to our wedding day. We met with Kassandra at the Studio and walked through each minute of our wedding plans to create a detailed itinerary that we circulated to our vendors, family, and wedding party. She answered questions that we did not even know we had, and remembered every word that we said. She also checked in with all of our vendors the week before the wedding (which is the last thing that you will want to do that week) and made sure that everyone was on the same page. I trusted Kassandra to take care of every detail. Kassandra also ran the show when we got to the rehearsal the night before our wedding, which was overwhelming for us since we had so many people there. She organized our wedding party and vendors, and calmed me down when I was anxious about some of our wedding party arriving late to the rehearsal. She continued to check in with all of us throughout the remainder of the evening and the next morning. Again, I trusted her to take care of every detail and knew that she would keep us and our vendors organized and on time. She and her assistant Amy met our vendors at the venue and took care of coordination and set up. She likely also dealt with a whole host of issues that I was not even aware of. I got to enjoy getting ready with my mom and my bridesmaids, knowing that Kassandra was behind the scenes making everything come together. When my husband and I walked into our reception, we were stunned and excited to see how our vision had come together under Kassandra's supervision and care. Everything that we had planned, made, purchased, and fretted about was set up beautifully and perfectly. Kassandra managed to be everywhere at once during our wedding reception, checking in with the DJ, caterers, photographer, and forcing us to sit down and eat. She helped tear down the space toward the end of the night, and even made sure that my husband got his wallet and that I got my keys! Seriously, we would not even have made it home without her. Kassandra has a true gift. She is personable, trust-worthy, fun, detail-oriented, and a veritable mind-reader. I cannot stress enough how fantastic it was to work with her. I have already recommended her services to one couple getting married next year, and I will continue to do so. Thank you, Kassandra and Unmistakably You for making our wedding day a stress-free and blissful experience.

Venue: Museum London

Photography: Curtis Justrabo Photography

Victoria & Ryan, May, 2019

"If I could give Amy 6 stars I would! Amy and Amy H. were absolutely incredible. Wedding planning is super fun and also super stressful and having them as my day of coordinators was the best thing I could have done! Having someone there to make sure all your vendors and what not run smoothly is the best (especially when one of your buses goes to the wrong venue...Lol) and it isn’t on your shoulders, you would be silly not to hire them if you’re looking for someone!"

Venue: Century Wedding Barn

Photography: Liat Aharoni Photography

Jen & Ian, October, 2018

"Unmistakably You came recommended to me by a friend and I am so incredibly happy with the day of coordination/decorating Chrissy provided for our wedding day. I in turn will continue to recommend Unmistakably You to anyone I know who will be getting married! Our coordinator knocked it out of the park! She completely made the entire day run smoothly and I couldn't have asked for a more efficient, kind and patient person to help guide our day."

Venue: Taproot

Photography: Avan Patel Photography

Danielle & Travis, September, 2018

"We are so happy we had Kassandra & Kaleigh there as our same day coordinators. It was one of the best vendor decisions we made. They constantly made sure we were on schedule and the day went smoothly. Our wedding party and families made comments on how amazing they were too!!

A month or so out from the wedding they helped us plan out the entire day. This was huge for us!!! Kassandra even followed up on the itinerary multiple times to make sure we had every detail down to the minute.

Thank you Kassandra, Kaleigh and Amy for everything!"

Venue: private property

Photography: Nova Markina Photography

Michele & Kevin, August, 2018

"We hired Amy originally for her day-of coordination package to take the stress off of our families for our backyard wedding. It ended up being the best decision we made for our wedding as it removed so much of the stress for us too! Amy and Kassandra were on top of everything and helped things run so smoothly, I just coasted through the day being able to enjoy spending time with my friends and family. As a very neurotic bride, I didn’t expect to have so much time to enjoy myself, but it is all due to how comfortable I felt leaving things in the hands of Amy and her team. Our families are still singing their praises!"

Venue: private property

Photography: Life is Beautiful Photography

Shelsie & Nicholas, July, 2018

"Amy and Kassandra were an amazing team to work with and we knew it from the moment we met them - especially for us living in Singapore, 12 hours in the future! Despite the time difference with a bombard of emails upon waking up and early morning calls, they were always responsive and extremely flexible! Leading all the way up to the wedding date, Amy and Kassandra were organized, professional, and if you're one of those indecisive types like us - they're always willing to pass on wedding wisdom! And the day of... we couldn't have been more happy and thankful for having them around! Honestly, you don't need to look any further! ... From a very happily married couple thanks to Unmistakably You."

Venue: private property

Photography: Norr Studio

Erin & Thom, July, 2018