Planning a Moving Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is, arguably, the reason for your wedding day, but in my experience, it's often the most overlooked during the planning process.  Especially in these times of social distancing, it's important to find special moments to look forward to, and your wedding ceremony is certainly one.

If you haven't yet selected your officiant, here are some suggestions from the remarkable Jodi of Something New Officiant on how to select the perfect wedding celebrant:

If you've booked an amazing officiant, and happen to have some extra time on your hands these days, why not spend some time crafting the perfect, memorable and personal wedding ceremony?  If you're having a secular wedding, most officiants will let you customize almost every element (except the signing of the license and the words "I now pronounce you . . . "). Here are some more suggestions from Jodi on places to make your ceremony special:

No matter what you do, ensuring that your ceremony is reflective of the two of you as a couple will guarantee a memorable ceremony experience for both you and your guests.

Happy Planning!

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