5 Wedding Planning Resolutions to Save your Sanity

With the New Year just around the corner we can’t help but find ourselves setting goals, channeling our ambition and hoping for a few changes in the future; oh resolution season, how we love to hate you.  Whether you’re setting resolutions to better yourself, or to better the world around you, we are so excited for your new journey. For those of you who are looking to better your wedding plans: read on!

That’s right, New Year’s resolutions don’t just have to include a new pair of running shoes, or throwing away your junk food, they can also include wedding planning resolutions. As we head into another busy (and likely not-quite-normal) year, setting yourself up for planning success can help you stay sane and get s**t done, all as the same time!

We've curated a list (and checked it twice!) of our top Wedding Planning Resolutions. Have a chat with your partner, and incorporate the ones that resonate into your 2022 wedding planning.... plans!

#1. Keep Your Eyes On The Pri(orities)

If you’re newly engaged, congratulations! You've likely already found yourself spending hours on Pinterest, coming up with all kinds of 'must haves' for your wedding. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is what we here at UY lovingly call the 'Pinterest Trap'. While it would be awesome to have all the things for your wedding, the reality is that if you didn’t think of it before you saw it, you likely don’t need it. Of course, this doesn’t mean to stop taking inspiration from photos, from blogs or from your friendly neighborhood wedding planners, but it does mean to take the utmost caution when it comes to window shopping for your wedding. Remember to set clear, and reasonable priorities as a couple, whether that’s deciding on your own “non-negotiables”, or enforcing your budget, it will really help you navigate your wedding plans (and save you a few arguments).

If you’ve just started your wedding planning, we recommend you take a peek at our advice in this previous blog post; don’t worry, this one will be here for you when you come back! 

#2. Don’t Compare, Don’t Compete

It’s hard to imagine the movie Bride Wars coming to life, but we know the feeling of wedding envy can grab hold of us all. This is the hardest resolution to follow, and it’s one you’ll always have to remind yourself of, especially as you attend weddings leading up to your big day. Of course you want to impress your guests and ensure they have an amazing experience, but your wedding day is not a competition. If you find yourself adding elements simply because your friend had it at their wedding… it likely doesn’t reflect you and your partner.  Your wedding day is an opportunity to show your friends and family how the two of you celebrate your love, and there is no way you can compare that to someone else, because that is entirely unique! Try your best to not fall into the dangerous art of comparison, because when you two celebrate your ten year wedding anniversary a few years down the line, you won’t really care whether or not your dance floor was more full than Suzy’s… because you now have the only dance partner you need.

#3. Communicate, Communicate, COMMUNICATE

We know we sound like a broken down record here, but communication is the only way you’ll make it out of your wedding plans unscathed. Often we hear “I’m so sorry to annoy you with all of these emails and updates” but we promise you, every single vendor, us included, would rather have too much information than not enough. Communicate openly with your vendors and your venue to ensure we are all on the same page; it makes a huge difference.

Not only will open communication benefit the relationship you have with your vendors, it will also benefit your personal relationships. Communicate your planning stresses and frustrations openly to your partner (and your wedding party, friends, and family!) so they can do their best to support you, and remember that this is likely their first time planning something of this magnitude as well. They may not love planning, but they do love you.

PS. When was the last time you said “I love you” to your partner 'just because'?
      You should go do that! 

#4. Know Your Strengths, and Be Honest About Your Weaknesses

Some people (*cough Jacqueline, cough*) can perform well on little to no sleep, and still curate unique and fun ideas with a smile on their face. Others (*cough Amy, cough*) can also do that, but also know that they perform better after they have some time to plan, time to rest and time to eat a healthy meal. Knowing your own personal limits and knowing how to take care of yourself when you hit those limits are crucial within your wedding plans. If you know you do not handle stress or decision making well, don’t put yourself in that situation (seriously, this is the #1 sign you should hire a planner).  If you’ve never nailed a DIY project before, don’t commit to building 20 centrepieces; if you ARE the DIY master and don’t find those elements taxing on your energy, then absolutely you should. Oftentimes couples bite off more than they can chew, and it can get them into more problems down the line. Be honest with what you can handle from a physical, as well as an emotional standpoint; because that will outlast the beauty (and the price tag) of a homemade backdrop and centrepiece.

#5. Plan Your Marriage, NOT Your Wedding

I should honestly put this on a t-shirt by now. I know it’s odd to have a wedding planner tell you to not plan your wedding, but seriously, you shouldn’t. Although your wedding day is an amazing opportunity to showcase your love, unify families and create long lasting memories; it is also just one day (or a half day if I’m being honest) of a healthy and happy marriage. We challenge you to think of one element of marriage that excites you, for every element of your wedding that excites you from this moment on. That means anytime you talk about your DJ, you have to talk about the walks you’ll take after dinner. Every time you book an additional element for your wedding, book an hour out of your day to spend talking with one another over tea; or just an hour of sitting on the couch together. Plan your marriage folks, it’s what really counts.

(Looking for date night ideas? Check out this blog post with some great local options!)

As always, it’s easy to sit on our soapbox and tell you how to survive your wedding plans, because we're not in the middle of our own, but we like to think we know what we're talking about. Remember that whatever this new year brings you’ll have support wherever you turn, whether it be your partner, your family, your friends or the Unmistakably You team; you’ve got this. Set some planning goals, set clear intentions for the remainder of your wedding plans and know that you have a beautiful day, and an even more beautiful life ahead of you. If you’re looking for more ways we can support you and your partner in the new year, don’t hesitate to reach out to chat with us personally!

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