5 Ways a Day-of Coordinator can Save Your Bacon

You're a planning genius. You have spreadsheets, a binder with colour-coded tabs, and you've planned the wedding to the tiniest of details! BUT, you're also super forward-thinking, you know yourself, and you know you're NOT going to want to be the one setting up your carefully curated decor, solving problems, or running around on your wedding day. First, kudos for recognizing that! Second, give yourself a pat on the back for even considering a Day-of Wedding Coordinator. Third, read on for some reasons to hire a DOC that you may NOT have thought of.

Note my furrowed brow... that's my problem-solving face!

You probably realize that a professional Day-Of Wedding Coordinator is going to create a detailed itinerary, solve problems on the day of the wedding, and keep things running smoothly so you can relax and enjoy your wedding day. But what you may not have thought of are the following, all of which we here at Unmistakably You strongly believe in, and include in our day-of packages (though I can't speak for other coordinators; we're not all created equal!!).

1. There is ABSOLUTELY no judgement here. Over the years, we've noticed that some couples are super nervous to show us their Pinterest boards, or that they quickly justify their budgets by saying "I'm not cheap!". You know what? We've worked with huge budgets and tiny budgets, we've done rustic, classic, funky, whimsical and downright 'out-there' decor, and we've never once told a couple that what they want isn't right. This is YOUR wedding, and we're there to make it happen YOUR way. In the words of UY's Jacqueline: "You want a Seussical dress and a dinosaur costume for your first dance? Awesome! Let's make it happen!" We leave the politics out, and the decisions to our couples.

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2. We support you through the planning process, not just on the 'day-of'. The term 'Day-Of Wedding Coordinator' is actually pretty misleading, in our opinion. We have TONS of supports in place for our couples throughout their planning process so they never find themselves crying into their ice cream, stressed that they'll make a planning mistake. From vendor recommendations to monthly wedding-planning drop in nights, from a dynamic Facebook group to monthly emails chock-full of resources, we've got your back!

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3. Our first priority is making sure you and your fiance(e) can relax and enjoy your day, but we're also there to create an amazing experience for your wedding party, family and guests. So often, we hear stories of how mom had to drive home to get the forgotten belt from the wedding dress, or how the brother had to pick up the wedding cake the morning of the wedding. Our job is to look after all of that so that your friends and family can be present with you ALL DAY, and nobody has to sneak out to set up the placecards or grab lunch for the wedding party. We also create a smoother experience for your guests through clear cues (when to move to the reception space, when to be seated for dinner) and communication.

4. We literally don't say no. (OK, unless what you're asking for is unsafe or illegal). You have different needs than other couples, and if you need something, we'll make it happen. We're not magicians, but we do have a ton of solutions at our fingertips, and we're not afraid to get our hands dirty. While it might not be J-Lo glamorous, we've definitely cut tent caterpillar nests out of trees, picked up 200 Big Macs at midnight, pulled weeds from the background of ceremony locations, and yes, had groomsmen spit gum into our hands pre-wedding.

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5. Wedding planners are the SAFEST purchase for your wedding. Yes, a planner is an investment, but so is EVERY OTHER VENDOR you've hired. Your planner is the glue that holds all of the rest of your wedding pros together, the grease that makes their jobs easier, and the shield that hides the mechanics from you and your guests. When you hire a wedding planner, you're protecting your investment in the other vendors on your team by ensuring that they can do their best work by focusing on THEIR job, not worrying about everyone else's.

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