Awesome Date Ideas in London Ontario

Well hey there, lovely! As the weather cools down, you may be inclined to go into hibernation mode. Let's be honest: if I could just stay in jammies, drink wine and watch reruns of Brooklyn 99 all day every day, I SO would.

BUT, there's this thing called real life. (So I'm told). 🙂 I wrote a blog post awhile ago about how to stay on top of your wedding plans during the winter, when you might be more inclined to procrastinate (check it out here). Today, though, I want to talk about how important it is to stay connected with your significant other in ways that continue to build your relationship.

It's super important to find quality time with your partner, and there are lots of great ways to do that, right here in good old London Ontario, and in the midst of a pandemic. Here are a few of my favourites:

If you're a foodie:
There are tons of great restaurants in town.  My favourite for a big night out is The Springs. If I'm in the mood for amazing Thai food, the go-to is always Mai's Cafe in Wortley Village (the coconut shrimp are to DIE FOR, and takeout from here on a Friday night is the best - just call early!).

Not into going out? You could even hire a private chef like Chris Squire to come into your home and prepare you a gourmet feast.

If you're a wine or beer aficionado:
Check out some of our amazing local wineries (Quai du Vin, Rush Creek) or breweries (Storm Stayed, Forked River, London Brewing, Anderson Craft Ales, Curley Brewing, Powerhouse Brewing, or Toboggan Brewing, where you can also grab a delicious meal).

Hoping to keep it closer to home? Check out local craft beer reviewers the Rural Juror Brewery Tour on YouTube. Pick up some of the beer they'll be tasting, and try along with them! Or, hit the LCBO and play what my husband and I call the "wine game": set a budget (say, $15/bottle), grab one bottle each, and head home for a taste test. You could even hit up Smith Cheese Inc. in the Covent Garden Market or All Bout Cheese at the Western Fair Market to find the perfect pairings, and put together a bit of a charcuterie board for yourselves.

Speaking of charcuterie, if you'd like to have someone do it for you, hit up The Grazing Ace or The Posh Cheeseboard Co., both of whom do individual charcuterie to order.

If you want to REALLY do it up, talented sommelier and beer specialist Jamie from Jamie's Cellar will come do a personalized wine or beer tasting for you, which would be PERFECT in combination with some amazing charcuterie, or pair desserts with some dessert wine!!

If you're outdoorsy:

Pack a picnic and head to a park or to the Fanshawe Conservation Area, or take a walk or a bike along one of London's many walking paths.

In the winter, head to Victoria Park or the Covent Garden Market for some romantic outdoor skating, or bundle up and have a snowball fight!

If you're saving your pennies:
Of course, you're on a budget - planning a wedding can definitely leave you strapped for cash! Try the following ideas, which are inexpensive or free.

Find a new recipe, shop for the ingredients together, and spend some quality time in the kitchen.

Buy a new card or boardgame, or check out Jack Box Games or Cards Against Humanity, both of which can be played online with friends.

Find something to learn about (brewing your own beer, take up an instrument [you can learn to drum with no drums here], or making sourdough bread), take up a new hobby (scrapbooking, painting [try an online paint night!], or DIY those wedding projects together [find some ideas here]).

Hopefully something here piques your interest, and gives you a bit of a break from your wedding planning. Remember, you should be spending more time planning your marriage than planning your wedding! <3

XO, and enjoy your date night!

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