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5 Great Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

Guest post by Cristian from Akila Light Pro Relive Memories  Your wedding is a one time event, and you'll want to make sure those memories are not forgotten. After all of the time and resources you spend arranging this wonderful celebration, the day itself will only last 12 hours. Video is the best way to…
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5 Ways a Day-of Coordinator can Save Your Bacon

You're a planning genius. You have spreadsheets, a binder with colour-coded tabs, and you've planned the wedding to the tiniest of details! BUT, you're also super forward-thinking, you know yourself, and you know you're NOT going to want to be the one setting up your carefully curated decor, solving problems, or running around on your…
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How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Hi all!  I'm coming to you today with a video - because pictures are worth 1000 words, so videos are worth 1 000 000, right?  If you're near the beginning of your planning process, you're likely starting to think about booking a photographer.  Here, I chat with my talented friend Erin from Woodgate Photography about…
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