Q. I am a busy professional, and I know I need help with the planning, but I don’t want to give up control of my wedding. Is full coordination right for me?

A. When you hire Unmistakably You to plan your wedding, you don't need to worry that you'll be giving up control over any element of your day. This is YOUR wedding, and our goal is to help you make it personal and fun, and most importantly: we want you to enjoy not only the wedding day, but the process of planning. You have a career, a social life and a family, and you probably don't have time to do all the legwork and research that goes into planning a wedding. The benefit of hiring Unmistakably You is that we've already done that legwork for other clients, and we pass on our expertise and knowledge to you, which saves you tons of time! You still get total creative control of the wedding; we're just there to provide insight into vendors, help you meet deadlines, and ensure that nothing gets overlooked throughout the planning process.

Q. How much experience do you have?

A. Unmistakably You has been a registered Ontario business since August of 2009. Over our ten years in business, we've planned over 260 weddings, and we'd love to add yours to the list!

Q. I don’t need full coordination, but I want more help than just the day-of. Is there an in-between package?

A. Absolutely! Here at Unmistakably You, we believe that the term 'package' is actually a bit misleading. In actuality, every wedding we do is a custom package, because each wedding is unique. If your wedding is different than everyone else's, why should you get the same services as everyone else? If you've hit a stumbling block halfway through the planning, or if you really just need help selecting a few of your vendors, we can jump in at any point and help you get to the end of the planning with a smile on your face. We'd call this a 'Partial Coordination', and each one is different - the best thing to do would be to book a consultation and come in to the showroom to talk about your specific needs.

Q. My venue has a wedding coordinator on site. Do I still need a personal coordinator?

A. We believe you do, for sure! Here's the thing about venue coordinators: they're working for the VENUE, while we're working for YOU. (Disclaimer: we love working with venue coordinators. It makes everyone's lives easier, and ensures that your wedding day runs absolutely perfectly!). When you work with Unmistakably You to plan your wedding, we're involved with absolutely every element of your day. We know what colour the swirls on your cake are supposed to be. We know what your dad looks like, so we can make sure he's in the room before we start the first dance. We'll be there for all the official wedding events, whereas a venue coordinator often leaves once dinner is served. The job of the venue's coordinator is to manage the venue staff and keep things from their end (like food and drink service) running on time. They make sure that if you've booked the venue's sound system or podium, it's in place. They manage the team setting up your tables and ensure that the correct number of places are set. But the reality is that they're often responsible for more than one wedding at a time, and they have other responsibilities to attend to on your wedding day. And, if your ceremony is off-site, they won't be there with you. Unmistakably You, on the other hand, is totally devoted to YOU on your wedding day. If your flowers arrive and they're the wrong colour, we get in the car, take them back to the florist, and fix the problem before you ever know about it. If the flowergirl is hungry, we get her some food. If your mom is freaking out, we pull her aside and calm her down. Your day is all about you, and Unmistakably You is with you every step of the way.

Q. My venue says I have to be out by 1 am, but I don’t want to ask my wedding party and family to clean up. Will you help?

A. You bet! That service is included with a full coordination. There's nothing worse than a bride in a wedding dress carrying leftover cases of beer to the car because she has to clean up the venue herself! You, your family and friends shouldn't have to work on your wedding day, so we're there to help. If you've booked a day-of coordination, we can add the tear-down service to the package for a minimal charge.

Q. I only booked you for a day-of coordination package, but I’m stuck halfway through the planning. Will you help?

A. YES. WE. WILL. Here's the thing: if you plan a great wedding, it's way easier for us to manage it on the day-of. We like to meet with our day-of clients about six weeks prior to the wedding to go over every single detail of your plans, get a solid grasp of how you want your day to look, feel and flow, and create your detailed itinerary. But if you get stuck deciding between two photographers, need a referral to a great bartender, or want to know what time to set your ceremony, GIVE US A CALL! Even if your wedding is still eight months away, we'll have a chat and get you through any questions you have. We're happy to recommend vendors, consult about etiquette or itinerary matters, or advise on which wine to serve with dinner. It makes our job easier on the day of anyway, and you get to relax and enjoy.

Q. Do you limit how many times I can contact you?

A. Nope! Every wedding is different, so we don't believe in limiting you to a pre-set package. You should get what you need, not what everyone else needs. Feel free to contact us any time! If we're not by the phone, we'll call you back ASAP. We're happy to e-mail, call, text, or answer messages by carrier pigeon, if it comes to that! Communication is important to us, and we try to respond to every message as quickly as possible (though we do go to bed early most nights!).

Q. Is there anything you WON’T do?

A. Nope! (Well, as long as it's within the limits of human ability and good sense, anyway!). Our goal is to make your day stress-free and perfect, and we'll go above and beyond to make it happen.

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