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How to make dad feel special at your wedding

The bride's dad traditionally gets a few special moments on his daughter's wedding day, including the walk down the aisle and the father/daughter dance. But there's no reason to stop there - why not include a few more special moments to make his experience even more memorable? And don't forget about your partner's dad -…
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Thoughtful Ways to Honour Mom at your Wedding

It's an unfortunate fact of human nature that, in most cases, we're not as aware of how VERY much our parents love us until we become parents ourselves.  (At least, that's been my experience). As such, when a childless couple gets married, I think that, often, finding special ways to honour their parents on the…
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Demystify Your Wedding Favours

Where To Start When going over the thousands upon thousands of ideas on Pinterest for picking that perfect item for your wedding favour, there are a few things you should consider. What is something that is tangible, edible or useful for your guests? Make It Personal! I attended a good friend's wedding this past summer…
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