Ultimate Wedding Bootcamp

Wedding around the corner, and you want to look and feel awesome on the day?
Newly engaged, and totally overwhelmed?


Unmistakably You is here to help, with the ULTIMATE WEDDING BOOTCAMP!


The Bootcamp is a unique program that blends fitness, physical and mental well-being with expert advice on every element of wedding planning.  After six weeks, you'll emerge looking and feeling great, and armed with infinite tips and tricks to plan the wedding of the century!



Each 45 minute workout will provide participants of all fitness levels with exercises to shape and tone their bodies in preparation for the big day.  Emphasis will be placed on moves that can easily be done at home, with basic equipment.  A Certified Personal Trainer will walk you through strength and conditioning exercises with a focus on the total body. The workout will finish with centering stretches to help promote a sense of positive well-being and negate any wedding stress.


Over the course of 45 minutes, Certified Wedding Coordinator Amy (and a whole bunch of really awesome industry special guests!) will tackle a new topic each week to help you plan a wedding that will make even your most snooty guests drool.  Regardless of whether you're putting the finishing touches on your wedding of the century, or just getting started, there will be lots of information that's relevant to your day.  From setting up a successful budget to the nitty-gritty details of your special day, from pulling together a decor and floral vision to keeping your guests engaged, there's something here for the couple at every stage of the planning process.


Dates: February 21, 28, March 7, 14,  (not 21), 28, April 4 (all Wednesdays)

Location: Berkshire Club, 500 Berkshire Drive, London, ON, N6J 3S1

Time: 7:00-8:45pm

Cost: $270 for the first participant (that's only $45 per session!!), $170 for the second (partner or bestie!)

Fitness Level: any - there are modifications for everybody

Wedding Planning Stage: any - tons of useful stuff here for everyone!


Wednesday, February 21: Setting Yourself Up for Success (budget, timelines, strategies)

Wednesday, February 28: The Beauty Lies Within (nutrition, hair and skincare)

Wednesday, March 7: Capturing Every Second (photography, videography, schedules)

Wednesday, March 14: So Much Pretty, So Little Time (flowers and decor)

Wednesday, March 28: It's All About You (personalizing your wedding)

Wednesday, April 4: Staying  Sane Along the Way (day-of details)


Is this only for chicks? Not at all!  This is open to anybody in love who's planning a wedding! (In fact, if you'd like to bring your partner, you can save $100!!)

Can I bring my best friend instead of my partner? Absolutely! You'll still save $100! (Just let us know when you register).

I'm done planning my wedding.  Is this even going to be useful? You bet! We've got so many industry experts coming in to give their tips and tricks for how to survive your wedding with a smile on your face, it's not even funny! You'll end up armed with an arsenal of secrets to help your special day be so smooth and enjoyable, you'll feel like a guest!

I'm newly engaged, and I'm totally overwhelmed.  Is this for me? For sure! We're in the business of helping you get . . . um . . . underwhelmed? (LOL). The Bootcamp is structured so that you'll get help with things like budgeting and timelines so that you start off on the right foot, and you'll get the bonus of all the tips and tricks to help the day go smoothly once it arrives.

Um . . . six, 45 minute workouts?  Am I even going to see results? Well, let's be honest. . . you're absolutely going to have homework.  Each workout is tailored to being done at home, with minimal equipment, so you're going to have to do some work on your own.  Between your homework, and the info we're going to discuss about food and nutrition, you're definitely going to see results! (Disclaimer: we don't promote crash diets or quick fixes . . . this is all about making healthy lifestyle choices over the long term.   Bonus? You'll look and feel great long after your wedding day!).

I'm not really a 'classroom' kind of person.  How will the wedding planning workshops be presented? Our goal is to keep this as interactive and engaging as possible.  Each week will have a theme (such as 'Photo/Videography', 'Pulling together your theme with Flowers and Decor', or 'The Final Details', to name a few), and will feature engaging industry experts, who will lead an interactive discussion about their area of expertise.  There will be tons of inspiration throughout each week, as well as lots of opportunity for you to ask your wedding planning and fitness questions.

What should I bring with me? Come wearing workout-appropriate clothing and running shoes.  Bring a towel, and if you have one, a yoga mat. A writing utensil and extra paper for all the awesome info you're going to want to write down would be great too!

More questions? Don't hesitate to ask! E-mail amy@unmistakablyyou.com, or call 519-852-7479 for more details.


Once you've submitted the form, we'll be in touch with more information!