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The Unmistakable Team



Not only is Kassandra one of our Unmistakably You wedding coordinators, but she’s also a CPTN certified personal trainer with years of industry experience. Kassandra has worked with all ages and fitness levels pushing all her clients to achieve their goals. Kassandra will guide you on how to reach your ultimate level of wellness through fitness programming and nutrition recommendations.


Amy is the fearless leader of Unmistakably You and is a certified wedding planner with the Wedding Planner's Institute of Canada. She first began Unmistakably You as a boutique wedding coordination company but felt something was missing. Unmistakably You is so much more than weddings, we are a group of women who are determined to become the most unique and unmistakable versions of ourselves.




As a forever lover of movement, whether it be dance, running, or hiking, Emily is grateful for yoga which now brings joy and peace to her life. Trained in India, Emily loves teaching in a way that allows students to explore their personal practices while leading them to discover new places. Through linking the breath with movement as we flow through our practice, we challenge both our bodies and minds, allowing us to grow.


The Unmistakable Team

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