About the Studio

After many years of running a successful boutique wedding coordination company, we decided it was time to expand beyond just weddings, growing with our clients through many of life's stages and meeting new clients aside from brides and grooms!

The Studio is a space that allows us to better serve our clients from a holistic perspective. Whether you’re a bride or just wanting to become the most unmistakable you, our wellness services are here to help you create the best and most unique version of yourself.

More inviting than the average gym, Unmistakably You's Studio is a place where you can feel at home and get fit utilizing any or all of our services which include: strength & resistance training, HIIT, mobility and nutritional guidance. Our fully equipped and luxurious washroom features a shower and ample space for getting ready, and our funky workout space has high ceilings, a superior sound system, free weights and accessories;  everything you need to reach your fitness goals.

Meet the Team

Three Reasons You'll Love Us


We host EXHILARATING WORKSHOPS to give you a break from the every day, run of the mill workout routines.


We believe that PERSONALIZATION is key to reaching wellness goals as not one plan will best suit another.


We built The Studio so our clients would have a UNIQUE SPACE to feel motivated and comfortable achieving their wellness goals