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The Unmistakable Team

Photos courtesy Arthur Korbiel Photography

Photos courtesy Arthur Korbiel Photography

Photo courtesy Arthur Korbiel Photography


(Wedding Planning Superpower: humour and decisiveness)

Heather is a classically trained singer with lots of experience on stage, which definitely helps her with some of our more 'dramatic' weddings! Her advice to couples is to hire pros to help with your wedding - too much DIY gets overwhelming. Heather can't live without cheese, theatre, and summer!


(Wedding Planning Superpower: upbeat personality)

Kassandra graduated from the Hotel Management Program at Fanshawe College and has helped make many couples' weddings perfect, beginning at the Delta hotel, and now with Unmistakably You!  Kassandra also has a love of fitness and health - you can also find her as a certified personal trainer, currently working out of Movati Athletic.

Photo courtesy Arthur Korbiel Photography


(Wedding Planning Superpower: listening skills)

Kaleigh has a background in visual merchandising and interior design, and is a whiz at making things beautiful! She loves to hear the speeches at a wedding to learn more about the couple. She advises engaged couples to really try to understand their partner's feelings. Kaleigh can't live without her shoe collection, Netflix, and hockey.



(Wedding Planning Superpower: calming conversation)

Genevieve has been a member of the UY team almost from the start.  She can't live without friends, family, and Netflix.  Genevieve loves to see the couple beaming with happiness right after the ceremony, and encourages engaged couples to relax, limit stress, and keep the lines of communication open.


(Wedding Planning Superpower: creative dreaming)

"Builder Beth" is a creative supergenius who has the ability to see a design from beginning to end in her head, before ever putting it on paper.  She's the brains behind many of UY's gorgeous design concepts. Beth can't live without a cozy blanket, a book to doodle in, and Prosecco and chips (yes, together!).



(Wedding Planning Superpower: attention to detail)

Chrissy is UY's firecracker! She has unbounded energy, and the ability to predict a problem and prevent it before it happens. She has a special perspective on the wedding planning process, as she's currently planning her own nuptuals for this May! Her favourite things are gummy worms, snuggles with fur babies, and music.

The Unmistakable Team

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